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What is the Multi-Coloured Handbook (MCH)?

The Handbook is intended to be a stand-alone “Step-by-Step” guide to assessing the benefits of flood and coastal erosion risk management.  When put together with the knowledge of the costs of the plans and schemes required, the user can assess the relationship between the benefits and costs of investment decisions.  This comparison should enable the users to identify those risk management plans

and schemes which maximise the economic return to England and Wales, and therefore, represent “best value for money” by being economically efficient.

What does it contain?

Additional resources:

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The Handbook aims to provide users with:

Importantly, the Handbook provides approaches to implement the policies set out in the HM Treasury ‘Green Book’ and complements the Flood and Coastal Erosion Management Appraisal Guidance (FCERM-AG), published by the Environment Agency in March 2010.  It also complements Defra’s Making Space for Water principles and the Environment Agency’s increasing use of Multi-Criteria Analysis, as set out in its FCERM-AG advice.

‘The Handbook’ as an online resource

Taking user feedback on-board, the Multi-Coloured Handbook  is now available online and replaces the printed 2010 publication.  The advantages of having the handbook as an online resource are:

The Handbook and the Manual

The Handbook is intended to be a straight-forward resource which will allow the user to carry out economic appraisal with minimum effort for the majority of flood and coastal erosion risk management schemes to be assessed.  However, assessments are not always straightforward and therefore the Handbook is complemented by a much more extensive Manual, ‘Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management – A Manual for Economic Appraisal’, otherwise referred to as ‘The Multi-Coloured Manual’.  This 2013 updated Manual replaces the 2005 version.  

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