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Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management: A Manual for Economic Appraisal’ is a successor to, and replacement for, the highly respected manual on the benefits of flood and coastal risk management, produced by the Flood Hazard Research Centre at Middlesex University, with support from Defra and the Environment Agency.

It builds upon a previous book known as the “multi-coloured manual” (2005), which itself was a synthesis of the blue (1977), red (1987) and yellow manuals (1992). As such, it expands and updates this work, to provide a manual of assessment techniques of flood risk management benefits, indirect benefits, and coastal erosion risk management benefits.

It has three key aims. Firstly, it provides methods and data which can be used for the practical assessment of schemes and policies. Secondly, it describes new research to update the data and improve techniques. Thirdly, it explains the limitations and complications of Benefit-Cost Analysis, to guide decision-making on investment in river and coastal risk management schemes.

The Handbook and the Manual

The Handbook is intended to be a straight-forward resource which will allow the user to carry out economic appraisal with minimum effort for the majority of flood and coastal erosion risk management schemes to be assessed.  However, assessments are not always straightforward and therefore the Handbook is complemented by a much more extensive manual, ‘Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management – A Manual for Economic Appraisal’, otherwise referred to as ‘The Multi-Coloured Manual’.  This 2013 updated manual replaces the 2005 version.

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